.                                               Financial Advisor

As a Financial Adviser I can be a resource for solid advice on your total financial picture. After an interview I would be able to help you manage your financial plan. This includes determining your risk tolerance and examing your overall financial situation. I can advise you on how to develop a realistic financial plan for your short and long term goals and objectives. These would be reviewed on regular intervals. You would have more access and more options using a Financial Advisor. I can give explanations on what recommendations were made in investment selections and have a portfolio that suits your situation. While you become educated, you will  have piece of mind and knowledge about your investments. Fees would be a percentage of assets managed or "fee-only" for financial planning. No other form of compensation such as commissions, rebates, finder's fees or other forms of compensation would be received as a direct result of my financial planning recommendations for my client.
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Donald R. Berger, DDS, FAAP
Registered Investment Advisor
140 Inverness Drive
Blue Bell, Pa 19422
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